Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Tutors will strictly remain on subject matter while taking classes.
  2. 2. Tutors will not / must not use any language or statements that may be offensive to any particular belief, race or ideology in general.
  3. 4. Tutor will bare full responsibility of his delivery inclusive of any verbal, audio, video or written documents or files.
  4. 5. During class delivery EDLITS authority can request observational access to monitor the class environment time to time.
  5. 6. In case of breach of any guidelines or any act of offence EDLITS authority will have the right to temporarily suspend any accused tutors service from the platform or take down any content for that matter.
  6. 7. This platform is intended to facilitate remote tuition possibilities and supports only all legal activities related to such.
  7. 8. The platform will have options to report any violation of guide lines or any unwanted incidents by its audience.
  8. 9. In case of such report or flag EDLITS authority will have the right to investigate such incident and request for any relevant materials from users.
  9. 10. Based on severity EDLITS authority can temporarily suspend accused’s service during investigation.


  1. 1. Tutor will bare full responsibility in case of any breach of guidelines due to her / his own activities.
  2. 2. EDLITS or partners do not support any content that may be offensive to the audience.
  3. 3. Content developers / tutors will bare full responsibility of their contents or what they share in their delivery during classes or through the platform.
  4. 4. Any objection or accusation thus raised against any class delivery or content will fall into the particular content developer or tutors.
  5. 5. EDLITS / Partners cannot be held accountable for any contents class deliveries made by tutors.

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