Online Education Support

We have covered it all, whether you are a big school or a private tutor, We have two different solutions that can cater all the needs in between.

Are you interested in Taking Private Tutions? Checkout our EDLITS Q service.


EDLITS is an end to end automation solution for educational institutes. It facilitates the school to improvise its activities in every steps.


A quicker and simpler version of ELDITS complete sutie, that ensures all the necessities to facilitate you to take your classes online.


Our Works

We have implemented our core system in few of the govt. colleges and private schools in the country. Not only the application we have also helped them setup their web pages.

Try Demo

It is our pleasure to invite you to have a walk through of our Application, it's free to try! There are 4 types of login options in our application. Please click the respective button and use the appropriate username and password to access.

Admin Access

User name: admin
Password: admin
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Principal Access

User Name: principal
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Teacher Access

User Name: teacher
Password: teacher
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Parents Access

User Name: parents
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Students Access

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