Start Taking Online Classes!

EDLITS Q helps you to start your online class most easiest way possible. You teach EDLITS Q will take care of the rest.

One click Application setup Self Student Signup Student Mangement
Manage Fees Collection Create and manage class routine, subjects and syllabus Easy Homework handling
Online Exams Unlimited online class hours Share class contents

How to Start?

  • Anybody who is confident and capable to teach can contact us and take classes online
  • Teachers can register to the platform and enlist themselves according to their expertise to take online classes
  • Every enlisted teacher will get her / his own virtual class room with online education management application
  • Teachers will create their own class schedule for student to register to
  • Students can opt in to which ever class she / he prefers by themselves
  • A comprehensive teacher profiling will be maintained, so the students can choose their class more confidently

The Application

Online education manamgent applicaiton. A free tool for every registered Teachers:

Self student registration / enrolment
Course content mangement and sharing
Live class or recorded class support
Home work / assignment management
Assignment evalution service
Online Exam support
Take online clasees with built in own appliaiton